Welcome to Ofir's Coffee

We believe that coffee has the power to bring people together. We're inspired by each other's passion for coffee, and we're motivated to make a difference together!

Perfect for Winters

Keep yourself warm and cozy with our premium coffee. Made from the best coffee beans, our coffee is sure to keep you warm in a cold winter day.

Flavor Favorites

Derived from everyday edible things that you like so much. Our Flavor Favorites will give you an amazing taste that you've always loved.

Customer reviews
Great flavor nice body full aroma I’m happy as a clam.
— Stacy
Much more economical in the house than buying coffee outside. Really great fresh flavor.
— Emily
I've been through a bag and decided to order another. It arrived fresh, tastes like good coffee. Recommended.
— Marcus
Wow, I love this coffee. It's my favorite way to start the day.
— Andrea

Our Goals

We aim to provide our clients with the highest quality coffee products and the best customer service.